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Home-Based Therapy Sessions

How It Works

Home-based therapy sessions can be provided by Homebased Talking Therapy if required, where counselling takes place within the comfort of your own home.


This can be an effective option for anyone who has difficulty accessing private practices or other mental health facilities, including older people, those with mobility issues or chronic conditions, agoraphobics or those with work or home responsibilities. At-home sessions may also be the best option for some people, even if access to care isn’t a concern.


Sessions are typically provided in a comfortable and familiar setting, such as at the kitchen table or in the living room. Other locations can also be used, depending on the preference of the person involved, whether that’s a local park, community garden or somewhere else they feel most comfortable in.

Let’s Work Together

A range of different concerns can be addressed by at-home therapy sessions, including healthy or other anxiety, depression, PTSD, unhealthy coping mechanisms, relationship building, communication, problem-solving, conflict management, marriage counselling and more.


There are many benefits associated with home-based therapy. It can make access to mental healthcare easier for those who struggle to get to an office to make appointments, for example. In addition, it can help the relationship between patient and therapist develop more quickly because people are generally more relaxed when they’re in their own homes.


Therapists are also able to gain deeper insights into their patients by seeing them in their own environments, which can make treatment more effective and help it progress more quickly.


If you’d like to find out more about at-home therapy sessions for healthy or social anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, get in touch with me today to see how I can help.


In-person therapy sessions are offered for home assessments and intensive therapy options, which are ideal for individuals who want to kickstart their treatment and can dedicate four hours a day to therapy. This option isn’t available for weekly therapy sessions.

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